Training Update - Week 4 (Mar 13 – Mar 19, 2017)

   I am sore from the workout this week. I did a lot of climbing again. On Thursday, I completed 27 climbs. My hands are beaten up with blisters. Using tape helped climbing with the blisters on Saturday.
  I ran a total of 11 miles this week. This is the most I have run in my minimal shoes. My calves are a little sore - But I am getting more comfortable running in these shoes.
 I am slowly adding exercises to my workout. I tried dead lifts after more than a year. So, I focussed on the form and used light weights. More barbell lifts to be added in upcoming weeks


4 V0 routes
5 V1 routes
5 V2 routes
6 V3 routes


4 Mile Outdoor Run


3 Mile Outdoor Run
4 sets of:
- 10 reps Kettle Bell Swings (35 lb)
- 10 reps Push-Ups
- 10 reps Goblet Squat (35 lb)
- 10 reps Burpees
4 sets of:
- 250 meters Row
- 1 minute Plank


7 V0 routes

8 V1 routes
6 V2 routes
5 V3 routes
1 V4 route

Friday - Rest Day


6 V0 routes
8 V1 routes
8 V2 routes
3 V3 routes

250 meters Row
10 Dead Lift (95 lbs)
10 Box Jumps

3 sets of:
10 Dead Lift (115 lbs)
10 Box Jumps


4 Mile Outdoor Run

        As always, suggestions are welcome!


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