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Training Update - Week 1 (Jan 16 – Jan 22, 2017)

I ran only 4 miles this week instead of the planned 6 miles. I don't mind starting slow. Especially since I just started to try forefoot running style.
        For bouldering, the route difficulty is indicated by the v-Scale. V0 is the easiest routes and the difficulty increases with higher grades. Bouldering felt good at the beginning of this week.  On Wednesday, my muscles got tired fast and I could not complete few v3 climbs that I completed earlier in the week. So, Thursday was an easy day to help the muscles recover.


3 V1 routes
5 V2 routes
5 V3 routes
1 V4 route  (3 failed  attempts. Need to work on finger strength)


3 V0 routes
5 V1 routes
1 V2 route
2 V3 routes
1 failed V3 route (Need to work on finger strength)
1" campus board pull ups - 10 X 1 rep
2 X 10 reps pushups
2 X 10 reps bodyweight squats
1.5 minutes plank
2 mile run at 10 min/mile pace


2 V0 routes
6 V1 routes
4 V2 routes
2 failed V3 routes (Tired from climbing 3 consecutive day…

Training Update Series Overview

This series is a weekly log of my training. I will also talk about the logic over how I am defining and modifying the training plan. Over time, this series will highlight the progress I am making. The main focus areas for my training is listed below.For Climbing:Focus AreaActivityWeekly FrequencyFinger/Arm/Shoulder Strength trainingCampus boards, Pullups, Rope Climbing, Barbell, Kettlelbell Training2Core FitnessPlanks, Push-ups, Situps2Legs and BalanceSquats, Barbell, Kettlelbell Training2BalanceStretching/Yoga2Full BodyClimbing, Burpees3 For Running:Focus AreaActivityWeekly FrequencyRunning MusclesRunning3EnduranceJump Ropes, Rowing1I am starting with a weekly mileage of 6 miles and Increase mileage using (Running world calculator) as a guide. Pre and post workout stretching will be part of the everyday routine to help with muscle recovery.Although this log will help keep track of my training and plan for the upcoming week, I will not be using a rigid plan. Depending on fatigue or …

Why Blog About My Fitness Goals?

Before I answer this question, here is a back story about me.
My interest in fitness started about a decade ago when my friend took me to try kickboxing. Going with a friend helped since we kept each other motivated. While learning punching and kicking techniques was fun, I preferred the strength exercises. Soon, doing 100 reps of pushups, squats, pull-ups, mountain-climbers, burpees, kettle-bells with a lot of punches, elbows, knees and kicks was not too tiring. It felt great! As I was getting more comfortable with the routine, I started looking for other activities to challenge me. I came across a Dragon Boat Club.

If you haven't seen a Dragon Boat race, take a look at this:

I went for the tryouts and got in. Without the kickboxing classes, I wouldn't have been strong enough to get into the team.

My team was a close group with amazing camaraderie. This meant everyone worked hard. No one wanted to be the one who lets the team down.…