Body Fat Percentage

    Last year, I was following a heart rate based training program for a trail half marathon. I ran between 20-30 miles a week over 2-3 runs a week. My average run was 8 miles with my weekend run going to 12-15 miles.

    With heart rate training, I run in the range of 140-150 beats per minute. This is my aerobic range and the fat burning is most effective here.

   In August of last year, after about 2 months of training with this approach, I was at 11% body fat at 138 lbs. I have added back the pounds over the last 6 months after my heart rate based running stopped. Now, I am at 150 lbs at 20% body fat.

  I saw great results with heart rate training. I will give it a try for the next few months. Now, I have Fitbit Aria to track my body fat percentage at home. So, its easier to monitor the progress. I will share  any interesting data I find.


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