Training Update - Week 2 (Feb 27 – Mar 5, 2017)

        Unfortunately, my training got interrupted after week-1 due to an emergency. In any case, I am back to my routine and hope to catch up on the lost time.

Here is the workout for this week -

Monday - Rest day


4 V0 routes
4 V1 routes
4 V2 route
2 V3 routes


4 V0 routes
4 V1 routes
3 V2 routes
1 V3 routes


4 V0 routes
4 V1 routes
4 V2 routes
4 V3 routes

Friday - Rest day

Saturday - Rest day

3 V0 routes
3 V1 routes
3 V2 routes
3 V3 routes
1 V4 routes

        I completed my first ever V4 climb on Sunday. Apart from bouldering, I did not do any other workout this week. I will start incorporating them next week.

        You can read about bouldering V-scale here

        As always, suggestions are welcome!


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