Training Update - Week 1 (Jan 16 – Jan 22, 2017)

        I ran only 4 miles this week instead of the planned 6 miles. I don't mind starting slow. Especially since I just started to try forefoot running style.
        For bouldering, the route difficulty is indicated by the v-Scale. V0 is the easiest routes and the difficulty increases with higher grades. Bouldering felt good at the beginning of this week.  On Wednesday, my muscles got tired fast and I could not complete few v3 climbs that I completed earlier in the week. So, Thursday was an easy day to help the muscles recover.


3 V1 routes
5 V2 routes
5 V3 routes
1 V4 route  (3 failed  attempts. Need to work on finger strength)


3 V0 routes
5 V1 routes
1 V2 route
2 V3 routes
1 failed V3 route (Need to work on finger strength)
1" campus board pull ups - 10 X 1 rep
2 X 10 reps pushups
2 X 10 reps bodyweight squats
1.5 minutes plank
2 mile run at 10 min/mile pace


2 V0 routes
6 V1 routes
4 V2 routes
2 failed V3 routes (Tired from climbing 3 consecutive days)
2 mile run at 10 min/mile pace


5 sets of 10 reps each - Squats
10 sets of 5 reps each - Push ups

2 V0 routes
6 V1 routes
1 V2 route
3 V3 routes
1 V4 route (2 Failed attempts. Finger strength lacking)

Saturday and Sunday

        An unexpected travel came up and I could not do any training.

        Overall, I am happy with my training this week. I don't have access to my climbing gym for the next 3 weeks due to the traveling. So, I have to modify my training to make up for the lost bouldering.

        As always, suggestions are welcome!


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